Our company specialises in regeneration of the exhaust parts of all types of cars and lorries. We offer an effective unclogging of all catalysts and solid particles filters. The process is carried out in a purpose-built automated washer – Flash Cleaner Machine. The hot water used in the process is put under precisely calculated high pressure in order to scour clogging oil and sooth residual particles of oils, sooth and ash. Our technology is highly effective and does not generate chemical wastes. The cleaning is quick and takes usually no more than 1 hour. Prior every wash the efficacy of washed filter is checked by measuring the throughput and back pressure. The same is being done after the cleaning. Those parameters presented in straight forward form are printed and handed over to you as part of the service. Additionally, every DPF filter receives a protective paint-like treatment coating its parts with a layer resistant to high temperatures. 

Our experienced and reliable engineering team will be happy to carry out the removal as well as re-installing of the filter in your machine. After the service the car’s computer is updated with the cleansing information. As a result the system information displayed is error-free. 

Our service comes with 1 year warranty. As the process is carried out with an extra care the mileage before the next cleaning is usually as high as of a brand new filter and can approximate 160 000km.

Don’t risk removing a DPF from your diesel- it is illegal. Visit us instead to get the problem solved. 

Specialist DPF regeneration in Warsaw 

The process we use in our garage delivers improved DPF performance and reverses the negative impact of clogging material. The regeneration carried out in our FCM machine removes 98 to 100% residual matter consisting of sooth particles PM10 and cerium.

ADPF filter regeneration is necessary each time you notice a drop in your engine performance caused by clogging of the exhaust. Your vehicle will automatically start operating in the break-down mode and the DPF filter control light will come on.

Each regeneration we do is measured through series of tests before and after the process showing exhaustively the efficiency of the cleaning.

Giving your exhaust our cleaning treatment, you gain:

  • pleasure of driving as the performance of your machine is restored
  • money as fuel consumption drops
  • better air quality as the filter now again works as intended

We are the only garage providing this service with the use of original Italian-designed and made FCM machine, which guarantees the highest effectiveness of filters and catalysts regeneration.

Removing the DPF filter is illegal!

Removing the DPF is against the law. The owner of such a vehicle risks a substantial fine, as well as issues with the MOT test or re-selling the car. This is in addition to dramatical effects of such a practice on the air quality and human health as a consequence. Choosing a sustainable solution, you canprotect your health. Cleaning instead of removing your filter pays off on every level.